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We’ll do the hard work, so you can do the hand work
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Hauling Services

You could rent a trailer and haul the refuse from your project yourself but we are certain that trailer would rent couldn't compare with the sheer amount of material we can haul. We do all the work and give you one price to get the job done, no hourly rates that will compound if the job takes longer than expected.

Dump trailers use hydraulics to lift the trailer bed from its frame, making unloading heavy hauls easy and efficient.

There is no special training but that being said a dump trailer can be very dangerous to operate and should only be considered by people with experience. On that note Enviro Utilites operators are all highly skilled and we have proper training, along with full licensing and insurance.



We not only can we help make your yard look beautiful with our bobcat skills but we can haul away the remains of the project to a local dump site.
We have a 7 foot X 14 foot and is 18 inches deep it can hold loads up to 5000 LBS and can haul up to 4.5 Sq yards of dirt, sod, gravel etc. For construction waste we can haul 8 yards of material.

The dump trailer makes quick work out of dump runs. To load trash, bark, base rock and other material, we also have forks to easily load and move material.