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Asphalt, also known as hot mix asphalt (HMA), is made from dried, crushed rock and asphalt cement, which is a mixture of petroleum compounds that include asphalt and crushed stone, gravel or sand. Prior to application, asphalt cement is heated and combined with crushed rock. It is then mixed and loaded immediately onto trucks (at approximately 320o F) for delivery to construction sites or storage silos.

No two driveways are the same, and the rate at which a parking lot deteriorates depends on many factors, such as original design, construction, traffic loads and geographic location. The life expectancy of a well-designed, well-built and well-maintained asphalt parking lot ranges between 15 to 30 years. However, without proper maintenance, a parking lot will deteriorate significantly in as little as 5 to 7 years.

Often referred to as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), recycled asphalt is simply old asphalt that is then ground into an aggregate size. When it’s compacted, the material is able to harden and bind together. This makes it a great pick for use on driveways because it serves as a strong and cost-efficient base or sub-base material.

A gravel road is a type of unpaved road surfaced with gravel that has been brought to the site from a quarry or stream bed. They are common in less-developed nations, and also in the rural areas of developed nations such as Canada and the United States.

With proper care and maintenance, a gravel driveway can last up to 100 years. The beauty of gravel is that is can be repaired and replenished on an ongoing basis.

Asphalt Driveway Demolition

Asphalt Driveways

Obviously an asphalt driveway is the ultimate in aestetics and durability but can run into a costly expense.
We also offer several surfaces to demo, level, grade and crown your existing asphalt driveway saving you a large expense requiring just the application of the asphalt to the readied surface. lastly we also offer the use of recycled asphalt at a fraction of the cost for a new asphalt driveway.
Recycled asphalt offers the durability of a new asphalt driveway and solid surface that will last for many years. Because it still contain bits of the tar and asphalt it winds up bonding to itself leaving a solid level surface.

Gravel Driveways

Gravel Driveways

Nothing quite says country living like a gravel driveway. While the driveway should not be the focal point of a property it does accent it and lends to the first impression as you and your guests enter.
As driveways age they tend to deteriorate. Heavy rains, freezing and thawing and winter snow removal all take their toll on your driveway. Problem areas such as low spots continue to hold water long after the last rain. Potholes form and soon navigating your drive can be a chore. Hitting potholes or wash boarding on a daily basis puts unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.
We can build up your drive with new gravel and give it a crown to shed the water. We use a local Door County limestone gravel that has the right mix of stone and fines to pack down and stay in place, restoring and adding new life and value to the property. The ultimate goal is to create a smooth, hard driving surface that is a pleasure to use.