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Demolition Services

We will place all the waste material into our dump trailer and bring it to a local asphalt manufacturer who will recycle it.

Many municipalities will take the old concrete to be broken up to reuse in town projects as fill. We will find the nearest recycler and transport the demo'd material there with our dump trailer.

Concrete Demolition


Got some demolition projects around the house you've been putting off. An aging concrete patio, that dangerously tumbled walkway or a wall that just can't stand on its own anymore.
With our bobcat skills we can make short work of any of those things and furthermore we can haul it all away to the local dump or municipal recycling area.

Maybe you have some small out buildings or sheds that have become a danger and an eyesore?
We can make short work of these items as well along with hauling off the debris from the demolition, contact us today so we can help.

Building Teardown

Asphalt Driveway Demolition

So after many good years your asphalt driveway is showing its years and you're ready to replace it. You contact a local company but the cost for them to demo and remove the old asphalt almost doubles the cost. DIY Bobcat Services can help reduce the cost, we will come in and demo the old asphalt, level and put in base material as well as hauling away the old materials at a reasonable price.
Contact us today and see how we can save you money without sacrificing quality.